April 3, 2020

Trip to the Hardware store. Got the cleaning supplies, nitrile gloves, blue towels, draino and soil. More than half the people out and about are wearing masks, gloves and goggles. Good for them. It’s like navigating in a COVID stand-storm out there.

Neonbunny Lapine
I need to buy a couple hundred feet of drain pipe in the next week or to so i can do my one covid home project. Not looking forward to that trip (everything else i can amazon)

John Mosbaugh
Yea I have to go get wood to work on our fence. Also not looking forward to that. The hardware store is pretty cramped, glad I suited up.

Nelda Barchers
Have you guys heard of shelter in place? It means not going out til may. No home projects. Use what you have.

Andie Grace
Nelda Barchers cleaning supplies and gloves and even drano sound essential to me!

Nelda Barchers
Andie Grace I was referring to the plans to go back for wood.

John Mosbaugh
Nelda Barchers you said Wood

Nelda Barchers
John Mosbaugh lol you kill me

John Mosbaugh
Nelda Barchers great talking last night! I got your email will look

John Schroeder

Doug Wasmuth
John Schroeder #blessedbethefruit

Todd Gardiner
Since I’ve only ever met or talk to you at Burning Man, that’s already my mental image of your default appearance.

Earl Stirling
Hey John, which hardware store had blue shop towels? Looking for some to make masks…

John Mosbaugh
Earl Stirling The Laurel Ace on MacArthur In Oakland

Cory Mervis
Thanks Larry.

Jack Howe
Haha !!! Wishing for the the old days, but breaking out my old bank robbing ,and demonstrating gear just to get to the mail box !!!!



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