January 20, 2021

So glad that’s over. So happy for Joe and Kamala and our country. Had to add to the joy scrolling effort up here just scrolling through all the relief that Drump is gone.

Shekky Brown
a restoration of dignity and respect…

Nicole Barrell Clark

Loriana Valente
Nicole Barrell Clark exactly!

Dave Traube

George Post
A welcome change from the constant doomscrolling of recent weeks!

Christine Kristen

Tony Speirs
Feelin’ it too…a huge “Whew!” From Joe’s address, to Kamala, to all the “We’ve been played!” realizations from the Q-crowd that the “storm” and “the plan” was all BS, to the many reversals of heinous environmental actions (and inactions) almost instantly, to many on the right’s abandonment and denunciation of 45 now, (and to his sad slithering away), and of course-to Amanda Gorman’s poetic moment. Just a great, momentous, historical, hope-filled day. They won’t all be like this, but off to a great start.



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