June 13, 2020

A little cocktail hour as Jennybird’s show opens in LA, pandemic style.There were friends and flowers and cake. We live in extraordinary times and there is an eventual end to this. The fact that we persevere irregardless and just keep keeping on is wonderful. We will get to the other side. Stay safe and survive. I can’t wait to see your smiling face again.

Pamela Nudel
So fun!

Isabel Samaras
Great to have a lil hang time w/ you guys ✨💖✨

Dante Nuno
Thank you for coordinating!

Hugh D’Andrade
Congrats to Jennybird! That’s so great!

Tom Van de Sande
Sorry tried to fly in but your 45 doesn’t like people from hell 😉

Lauren Wray
Where is the show in LA? I live down here now, and I would love to swing by and see her work!

John Mosbaugh
Hey Lauren. She’s at KP Projects off Melrose. You can call and get an appointment. They’re pretty amazing to see in person.



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