June 13, 2020

Jennybird’s show just opened! Check it out here. We’ll be having champagne and sushi at the backyard bar tonight to celebrate. An Art Opening in the Pandemic. Can’t believe it all came together. You can make an appointment if you’re in Los Angeles and want to check it out in person.

Sylvia Wood
We brought this out front and center as it’s super topical. Thanks Daddy Don! I still love it.
No photo description available.

Glenda Solis
lovely work…..I really like the dark backgrounds……was the music Mozart or Haydn?

John Mosbaugh
Glenda Solis Mozart

Beverly Brennan-Overberg
Her work is just amazing♥️

Dante Nuno

Melissa Alexander
John Did it as soon as I got the email. Pretty awesome. Such a pleasure to see the virtual 360 and then go slowly over each painting I. The close up part.

Nondas Voll
it’s amazing, even online.



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