June 14, 2020

Triumphant return to Point Isabell today with Dashing. So many non socially distant canine encounters as Dash and other dogs had a blast reconnecting with the sniffing and chasing each other. They were so excited. Happy pups. The crowd was definitely lighter than usual with people. And no running water in the park. Dog water fountains are dry.

Most people wore masks in the areas where we were closer, at the parking lot or near Sit and Stay Cafe, but people took off the masks when we were walking around with no people anywhere near 6 feet, myself included. I only saw two problem people. One was a tall older guy I saw when we got there. He wasn’t wearing a mask.. not even holding one in his hand. He was loud enough for me to hear him, with that how dare this be a thing tone and was complaining to the ladies who usually sit at the East corner the Cafe patio all day when things were pre-Pandemic. He was grousing about the tables being closed. They’d brought their own lawn chairs and were setting up in the first meadow and the ladies calmly explained to the dude that that’s how it is right now as he grumbled but shut up when they all told him to calm down.

Dashing ran and ran, sniffed like he’d never sniffed before. He met many dog buddies along the way and even got one to chase him for a minute. He swam in the hole in the canal by the bridge even though it was low tide. He was literally bouncing around with happy dog energy.

As Dash and I were leaving the park, some crew cut, short buff dude wearing a black t-shirt with some kind of aggro branding garbage on it wasn’t wearing a mask or carrying one, as he was yelling at his kids and his dogs to come NOW. In normal times I’d eye him and wonder if our paths would cross and I’d have to make a quick decision on how to handle him, but in the COVID times folks like these require additional consideration.

Luckily he disappeared behind the cafe, screaming at someone off in the lot meadow.

These anti-maskers make it easy to judge their character from a distance. They are little damaged children acting out because their damaged child leader tells them to. And in the Bay Area at least, they really stick out. It’s an interesting situation we’re in where the underlying weirdness and personal ideologies baked into all of us are so on display, like some reverse Halloween mask pandemic party. If you’re a monster this year, we get it.

I don’t like wearing a mask, but I do because I’m an adult and maybe all the masks can keep infection down because science. And other humans deserve to live without me infecting them if I picked it up. Some jackass “rebel” powered by Breitbart and Trump spewing their breath all over the place screaming at their kids because “America” or whatever that deranged crowd is fed is just utterly stupid in my opinion, regardless of whether they’re spreaders or not.

You’re either so isolated that you don’t know that masks have worked in places like Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Or you’re just so resentful of people who have spent their lives becoming educated to know how things like this work and you’ve got your own education from the YouTube videos you watched. Or the concept that maybe masks in public places where people are packed in can help prevent the spread just isn’t something you care about because “experts” from the “government” are giving you advice and you can’t abide that.

I believe these are the remnants of the people who burn libraries and kill off people who scare them because they themselves feel powerless. Because they were raised powerless by authoritarian types who were also trained to turn their fear into hate, to somehow control their environment where they have no ability to make things better for all of us. Empathy has been beaten out of them. I have no idea how to fix this human condition.

When we got home Dash slept like he hadn’t napped for months..



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