John Mosbaugh

Oct 11, 2022

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Moze Burning Man Journals

Moze @ Burning Man journals about the event. There are a lot more, but these are my favorites I'll share with you here. For the whole thing, go to

One of my most read posts about our BRC Airport. And I got to fly over the city with Purple Haze
"Such brilliance in the face of nature, I just can't with this inspired recounting of the beauty that happens out there."
2012 Crimson and BettyJune asked me to write about the Temple. I was out there for 5 weeks and it was one of my best Burn years on playa.
Ruminations on 2015 Build week and our people who make it happen.
2014 about arriving, acclimating, dreaming, escaping and dead coyotes on the road.
If only all cities howled when the sun set behind the mountains. The Temple and Crow's Mother, a beautiful memorial by Dan Glass.
The hourglass will soon be emptied and readied to flip over again. Exodusdusty. 2012