March 21, 2020

covid is out there
full shelves today, but with variety gone, because supply chains. I guess the cabbage shipment made it in before SHTF
  • Andie Grace
  • Jonesy Jones my neighbor said his elderly mother and her friends were gathered up in the parking lot at their church and it was more than ten people and a little too close, and his mom was issued a $400 ticket by the cops. Not even kiddin’.
  • Jonesy Jones
  • Andie Grace wow! They are doing that, but somehow non-essential businesses are still open?
  • Shelley Suggett
  • Jonesy Jones I know many are open for take out only. That is allowed…if they aren’t on grub hub or door dash, or if they were not take out before, many are doing it that way
  • Jonesy Jones
  • Shelley Suggett ah okay! Good info.
  • John Mosbaugh
  • Also at some groceries they only for a couple hours in the morning and only let in people over 60 to shop. I know they’re doing that in CA and FL. The closures for restaurants allow delivery or pickup. Some people don’t have kitchens or places to prep food.
  • Trudi Howe
  • Thinking of all my friends and fam near and far. You two take care.




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John Mosbaugh

John Mosbaugh

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