May 9, 2021

This weekend Bird and I went and ate at the first restaurant in a year… Agave in DT Oakland. Had drinks and a wonderful outside at the tables meal. Miguel our waiter was really nice. We talked about how this was our first time out and we got to conversing. His brother in law in Mexico died of Covid a month ago. Sucks. The rest of his family there are doing ok and he’s vaccinated and his wife is getting her second jab next week. There is a way forward. These are the kinds of conversations we most likely would not have had before while eating out.

We’re looking forward to seeing him again.

Jenny drove up north to hangout with her mom and her sister this morning. They’re at her sister’s drinking tequila and having a blast. I spent the day creating a new plant bed for more milkweed and some Queen Anne’s lace that will hopefully fill in the last portion of our yard that doesn’t have a smell event. I’ve got the datura, the jasmine, the citrus, the California sage, the lavender and the Victorian Box Laurel. Now the corner should have that sweet heavy Missouri Queen Anne’s lace smell in the summer.

This is the first time in a year I’ve been left to my own devices with just me and the dogs with no Bird off having fun.

Fucking COVID 19.. you asshole. You’ve killed so many of us humans. You’re ravaging India right now where a lot of people I work with live and they’re scared. So many who didn’t deserve to die. So many people in economic distress. So much suffering. For every douchebag American who might get the vaccine for maybe a free beer or a 100 dollars, there are plenty of people in India who that vaccine would save their lives and would take it right now. Who would say give it to my mother instead to save her life. America is so broken.

But at this point in time, in the Bay Area at least, things seem to be leveling out, calming down as people are vaccinated and the host pool shrinks.

The virus has shown us how heroism steps up to care for the sick, to educate kids in the most challenging situations, to provide for those in need, to invent a way to get past it and lead us competently to that end. Hesitancy is one thing. See how this works out for people getting vaccinated, but COVID has also shown us just how horrible some of us can be in the face of shared sacrifice and how easy it is for some of us to find notoriety in suffering and fear as they pass along an apocalyptic dialogue of false idolatry against the common good, packaged like a snake tongued beacon of solace in the face of science… Where they’ve figured out the real truth that allows them to avoid the reality that nature is brutal at times. They can’t imagine that people would devote their lives to save others, because that notion runs counter to their own cognitive bias. Our species is broken, but perhaps it always has been and in times like these, with technology like this, it’s just easier to see the extremes.

Outside the noise, humans still kind of have our shit together when it comes to dealing with a pandemic and re-emerging from this has really impressed on me just how fragile our concept of reality is.

Nature calls the shots. Regardless of our arrogance or our inability to deal with what it hands us, nature will always have the final say. But we can get through to the other side and perhaps when that happens we will re-evaluate just how good life can be. Or how good our life is, regardless of who we are. Or to look at our people, knowing other people have died from the COVID needlessly and being grateful. Life..

This moment in time, in the SF Bay Area, where enough of us have survived and followed the intelligent path to vax up with cases and deaths finally beginning to wane, it feels hopeful.

Doing the things we took for granted after our generation’s experience with a pandemic might give some of us a deeper appreciation of just how fleeting life is during our time orbiting this sun.

If anything, after this pandemic we all just went though, all are still going through, hopefully we come out with an appreciation of just how precious our time together is and how easily it can be disrupted by something we have no control over. Maybe that’s something this fucking virus will leave in our reality once it’s gone.

I wonder if the 1918–1919 generation in the US who suffered that widespread pandemic had a similar experience. But I’m of the mind to think that it doesn’t really matter all that much at this point.

This one is ours.

Nelda Barchers
Thanks John. Especially hard to see what’s happening in India. I have some friends in Mumbai and they are putting out lists of where and who has resources. So scary. I feel more hopeful too.

Tom Van de Sande
Jennybird Alcantara leave some Tequila shots for me! ❤️

Jennybird Alcantara
Too late 😂

Kathy Devaney
Great share.
Thanks Cuzzie.

Franc Mosbaugh
Really well-put, John. Congrats on being able to socialize!



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