November 1, 2020

It’s kind of amazing watching Facebook right now. The trolls and bots are worse than they were in 2016 leading up to that election. Yesterday I took a moment to read some of the political crap in my feed and replied to a comment on a post about the correlation between ISIS and Trump supporters in their trucks with their flags, religious fanaticism and guns trying to intimidate and own the libs. The OP replied to me so we had a little thread going, but the person wasn’t understanding that I was agreeing with them. I finally replied that they and I were on the same page and this morning they’d replied with some oddly written comment about Oakland and San Francisco and their lesbian sister.

Wish I’d have screenshotted it. I scrolled up the thread and every time the word “agree” appeared in a comment to the bot, they replied with something specific to the poster’s geo with some weird jumble of phrases that might be applicable to that location. I replied “You’ve entered the uncanny valley. Might want to readjust your AI”. I just returned to the post and the entire sub thread of 40+ comments was gone. I can usually spot chat bots, but this one was good and it kept me engaged. Be aware that a large percentage of all the noise on social media right now is being generated to influence your opinions. Odd times.

Kaza Karen Kahn

Neonbunny Lapine
It has been interesting watching the conversation. There are probably bots, paid trolls, and actual Trump supporters (fueled by the bots and trolls). Its also interesting seeing the language. The AI probably have a better grasp of original thoughts, but the trolls read from scripts and the Trump supporters regurgitate their words. “Hunter Biden Ukraine”, “Biden crime family”, “Sold to china”, “Antifa”, “47 years”. I didn’t even know Biden was in office for 47 years. But you know who does know? Every Trump supporter. They are spoon fed disinformation and spit it out on the concept that if enough people say the same thing, that others may believe it.

Cat Carter
I haven’t seen this! Was just thinking how weirdly quiet things are in terms of bots and trolls v 2016. I guess we are seeing different parts of the internet.

Andrew Waterman
Ah, bots! I was wondering why my pretty innocuous comments on Governor Inslee’s page were so quickly replied to! Crazy town! Solidarity!

John Mosbaugh
Interesting. here’s what FB shows you when you search for qanon
No photo description available.

Neonbunny Lapine
Sounds about right. Q Anon has got to be the largest domestic cyber terrorist organizations at this time.

Fred Rinne
Vanilla ISIS.

Carrie Elizabeth Mahan Herrick
There are tons of fake troll accounts on political candidates’ pages. I really want to give up FB after the election because it is so toxic and it exploits the worst human instincts for financial gain. I love it for community events, volunteer connections, etc. though.

Jackie Jack
Can I share this comment?

John Mosbaugh
Jackie Jack yep

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