September 11, 2020

John Mosbaugh
1 min readApr 28, 2022


This pandemic should have been handled by letting the scientists work to set policy and work to get us through this. Trump’s sociopathy didn’t allow him to do that and as a result we’ve seen a far worse time than we needed to.

Plus, I never saw a pandemic being turned into a political game between most Americans and Trump’s MAGA crowd. Like he’s done with basically everything during his time inn office, Trump managed to use this to divide our country.

“With Donald Trump it’s always a question of how much is sheer incompetence and how much is sheer malevolence” — Chris Hayes.

The election is less than 2 months away. If you can vote early, do it now. If you can safely vote on Election Day, do it. We have to end this chapter in our history and work to fix the disaster Trump has wrought upon our country.

I started one of these when GWB was “elected” but couldn’t keep up. Glad the folks over at McSweeneys had the fortitude to keep up with the current Trumpster Fire. It’s a long read and we’ve still got five months to go until it ends. If he can manage to stay in office. none of this will really matter in the post America as we knew it world.

We really need some competence back running the USA.