September 8, 2020

Photo doesn’t do it justice but here is our 11 am sun for today’s dystopian landscape in the Bay Area. At least the smoke and haze are maybe keeping away the 100+ temps we had the last two days? And the all pervasive acrid burnt wood smell has given away to an odd warm dirt odor. Rolling with all this, assuming there will be better days ahead.

Jennybird Alcantara
jinx we both posted about it at the same time 😜

John Mosbaugh
ha ha.

Glenda Solis
here in the richmond district, sf, it is a greyish yellow with the sun an orange color………

Christine Kristen
let’s hope so — otherwise, welcome to the hot future….

John Stephen Johnson
No sun here.

Leslie Isaac
I was thinking it smelled like coffee! Coffee brewing all over the Bay Area!

Winnie Chan
That’s a great description … odd warm dirt odor

Rachel Torrey
black hole sun

Sylvia Wood
At least it’s not the toxic contents of 100s of garages.

Lauren Drow
Ya know, I was kind of wondering if the dust and soot might actually be a benefit to that giant portion of Iowa corn fields that were flattened by the Derecho. Because we got the drafts on the jet stream two nights ago and the winds were incredible. You could see the particles up high in the washy clouds and a red tinge around the moon in a moon dog circle.
Oh, and did you hear that it snowed in South Dakota and Colorado last night? We just went from 80 something to 50 something in a day.

Lauren Drow
Not to discount your current Apocalypse, or anything. We like visitors, sort of. But our city is about to have a bunch of empty space for distancing.

John Mosbaugh
Sylvia Wood sounds like homes are burning now. Forest is one thing but losing homes really sucks.

John Mosbaugh
Lauren Drow are you in Iowa? I heard the Derecho was pretty horrible.

Lauren Drow
John Mosbaugh, Minnesota. But I joined some Derecho groups after it happened because it wasn’t really being covered in the news. You can see a huge swath of crops that were flattened from space. Power was out for days in many areas. Reports of 13 million acres of crops, or 43% were lost.

Lauren Drow
Derecho Flattens Iowa Corn

Sarah Woods Laurin
So crazy…stay safe …



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